The Kingdom

Welcome to the land of MODERN QUEEN kids.

A magical land filled with sparkle and light, hope and beauty. Teeming with adventure and discovery, it is a place where the glory and beauty of the land is never overlooked, never unexplored, always appreciated. Wrapped in the fabric of love and bound by hope and light, this kingdom is a glorious and magical one. And in this land lives a most beautiful and noble Queen and the men, women and children of her kingdom.



The Queen walks with grace and dignity, strength and honor. She is revered by all. She has braved much and endured much. Yet, she breathes hope. Her spirit shines bright. She humbly serves all, loves all, finds beauty in all and creates beauty from all.

 The land is filled with unending treasure just waiting to be discovered. Not only of precious stones, but also of ordinary rocks of extraordinary beauty; of sea stones that dazzle with brilliance; of trees and mossy forest beds that glimmer golden in the sunlight; of feathers that shimmer like sparks in the night, reflecting the light of the land and capturing the sparkle in the eyes of the children.



MODERN QUEEN kids are adventurous, resourceful, and purposeful. Their imagination is limitless and their laughter contagious. Their spirit is unbreakable. They are creative, filled with wonder, and they stand in awe of the strength found in love.

There is beauty all around them and there is magic in the everyday. Everything in their world sparkles with life. There is hope and there is light. This is the world of Modern Queen kids.



Open your eyes to the beauty around you and discover the sparkle in your world. Embrace the hope that saved a Queen and restored a kingdom.

Experience the magic of MODERN QUEEN kids.